The Guide to Different Kind of Motorcycle Frame

different kind of motorcycle frame

A motorcycle frame keeps all parts of a motorcycle together and lets it ride normally.

You can think of the motor frame as the skeleton in the human body.

The frame contributes greatly to your experience on the road.

With a quality, your motorcycle is able to ride smoothly without requiring much effort from riders.

In contrast, a poorly designed frame might put you to trouble, even accidents in worse cases.

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Different Types Of Motorcycle Frames

Backbone Frame

backbone frame motorcycle

As its name might suggest, the backbone motorcycle frame uses only a large tube to hold the engine and all other parts.

It acts as the ‘backbone’ of the motorbike.

The backbone frame is not really strong, but on the plus side, it is simple and cheap.

More importantly, since it can be concealed with ease, it offers more flexibility in the design.

Cradle Frame

single cradle frame motorcycle

This type consists of single cradle frames and double-cradle frames.

Single cradle frames are generally the most basic of all motorcycle frames.

They consist of a large tube to cradle the spine and small tubes for the engine.

You can find this kind of motorbike chassis in off-road bicycles.

A double-cradle frame is mostly similar to its counterpart, except for the fact that it supports the engine via two bottom tubes.

Between the two, double-cradle is preferred as it offers more strength and rigidity.

Beam Frame

The beam, also known as perimeter frame, is one of the most popular kinds of the motorcycle frame.

When a motorcycle comes with the perimeter frame, its engine is surrounded by two beams.

Beam frames are light yet strong at the same time, making them a popular choice for sportbikes.

Trellis Frame

trellis fram motorcycle

The trellis frame consists of many short tubes welded into the shape of small triangles.

Want to know the best part?

This frame is noticeably lightweight, so handling it takes little effort.

At the same time, it still offers rigidity and stiffness.

Nonetheless, it is quite expensive compared to different kinds of frames, especially the cradle.

Monocoque Frame

Last but not least, we have the monocoque frame, which is often used in cars and custom racing motorcycles thanks to its absolute power and precision.

The monocoque frame is made by combining the tank, tail and seat mounting into a single strong panel.

The Bottom Line

As technology advances, people are introducing more and more cutting-edge motorcycle frames, each of which come with unique features and benefits.

Aside from traditional chassis, we also expect to see more frameless bikes in the future.

This is the end of our article on different kinds of motorcycle frames.

Now you know various benefits and types of motorcycle frames.

Stay tuned for more informative posts.

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