Best Motorcycle Oils – Which One Is For You?

best motorcycle oils

Truth be told, if the human body needs oxygen to regulate internal organs’ works, a motorcycle will need a proper motorcycle oil for stable and excellent manipulation.

But, which is the best choice? What brand is reliable?

Because many brands are taking part in manufacturing this type of product, and the diversity of brands result in the diversity of quality and price range.

As a result, users may face difficulty in choosing the best one for their vehicles.

Well, don’t have to worry anymore, in this post, we will give you the top list of the best motorcycle oils on the market with thorough reviews.

Best Motorcycle Oils Quick Comparison

Product images Product names Editor's rating Price
HONDA 08C35-A141L01 Honda Pro GN4 Motor Oil, 10W40, 1 gal 4.9 See latest price
Castrol 06130 Actevo 10W-40 Part Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil 4.9 See latest price
Mobil 1 96936 20W-50 V-Twin Synthetic Motocycle Motor Oil 4.8 See latest price
Motorex Power Synthetic 4T Oil - 10W60 4.8 See latest price
Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic Heavy Duty Engine Oil 5W-40 4.7 See latest price
Maxima (32901) Extra4 15W-50 Synthetic 4T 4.7 See latest price
Castrol 06112 POWER 1 4T 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 4.6 See latest price


The Advantage Of Motorcycle Oils

#1 Lubricating

This is the foremost purpose of motorcycle oils.

Working as lubrication, it will guarantee you the resistance to wear and friction of all the motorbike’s components.

Plus, the moving parts of the vehicle will be covered in a thick slick film.

#2 Cooling

Right after all the motorbike components are lubricated, the oil will move on to the next procedure of its functions.

It is the cooling process.

The oil pan can be seen as a storage for the oil when you shut down the engine.

#3 Cleaning

In fact, to produce motorcycle oil, manufacturers take advantage of the two most fundamental ingredients: base oil and additives.

The main aim of the well-formulated additives is to bring extra protection to the engine via the cleaning step.

Meanwhile, the base oil will do its job in the lubricating procedure.

#4 Boosting Motorbike’s Performance

With a prominent oil, the inner of your motorcycle will be kept in the spotless condition, so the fuel efficiency will be improved.

Moreover, the cleanliness of the engine will lead to a brilliant mechanical output.

#5 Extend The Lifespan Of The Engine

As a matter of fact, if an engine is well-maintained, it can be used for a long time with maximum stability and functionality.

Therefore, using the appropriate type for your motorcycles can enhance the durability of them.

Types Of Motorcycle Oils

Motorcycle oils are categorized into 3 most fundamental types.

They are semi-synthetic, synthetic, and conventional oil.

#1 Conventional Oil

Conventional type, also known as Mineral oil, is a type that is made from refined crude oil formed with additives.

In fact, additives have to be strictly examined before being applied for conventional oil.

There are some common additives like detergents and friction modifiers, each of them will serve a specific purpose.

To be exact, detergents will neutralize acids, while the friction modifier will improve the fuel economy by ensuring the proper activation of lubrication.

Typically, conventional oils are the best cheap motorcycle oils on the market, and they are usually utilized for low-grade and outdated vehicles.

#2 Synthetic Oil

On the contrary to mineral oil is synthetic type, or can be called man-made oil.

In the ingredients of this type, the most significant additive of synthetic oil is pure crude.

In reality, from time to time, manufacturers improve the quality of synthetic oil with advances in technology.

As a result, the viscosity of synthetic type is much lower than that of conventional oil.

When you use synthetic type for your motorcycles, you can be totally secure about the smooth operation of engine parts and the limitation of internal friction.

Although synthetic oil can help your motorbike to attain more outstanding performance and efficiency, this type of oil is more expensive than mineral oil.

However, you get what you pay for.

#3 Semi-Synthetic Oil

As its name infers, this type is the combination of synthetic and mineral oil.

Best Motorcycle Oils Buying Guide

#1 Type

Aa mentioned above, there are 3 types of them.

We have provided you with fundamental information about each type.

Yet, you should follow the recommendation from the vehicle manufacturers because some motorcycle brands can only function well with some specific oils.

#2 Compatibility

This is one of the most noteworthy factors you should focus on when choosing oils for your motorcycles.

In case you opt for the inappropriate motorcycle oils, this mistake may result in the oil-leaking of the engine.

#3 Viscosity

When referring to the speed of oil flows, people use the term “viscosity”.

The lower the viscosity level is, the faster the oil will flow.

Therefore, you can imagine the reverse effect on your vehicle if you use high viscosity oil.

You should be careful when choosing the viscosity for your motorbikes because the unsuitable viscosity level will lead to the breakage of metal parts.

#4 Additives

The additives can help to eliminate acid and debris.

Plus, they can work as the lubricating and cooling substances for your engine.

After numerous uses, of course, your engine will be affected by debris and gunk.

Cleaning these redundant particles will be challenging for non-mechanic users because this process requires the detachment of the engine parts.

Fortunately, additives in motorcycle oils can complete the job for you.

Remember to keep your engine clean for an extended lifetime.

#5 Longevity

Motorcycle oil is not the type of one-time-use product, and you will need to utilize it for many times, so you should choose a motorbike oil that has a long-lasting lifetime.

The reason is that oils with decent longevity can economize the budget you spend on oiling the engines.

Besides, longevity is a remarkable aspect to evaluate whether a motorbike oil is high-quality or not.

The more excellent the oil is, the more brilliant its longevity.

#6 Reviews

In reality, there are many brands selling motorcycle oils on the market, so you may get overwhelmed with which one to choose.

Thus, before deciding to purchase a specific type, you should rely on the reviews from customers who have had experience in using that oil.

However, you should read reviews from well-known and trustworthy websites and forums only.

#7 Price

Unless you were a millionaire, the price would be a significant consideration when you buy anything.

Although this factor is not the only thing affecting your decision, it is a noteworthy one.

Normally, high-grade motorbike oils are sold at a high price, but you shouldn’t assume that a low-priced one will come with disappointing quality.

To be honest, the reputation of the brand is also an aspect that decides the price range.

Famous brands have proved the quality of their products to customers for a long time.

Hence, the more well-known the brand is, the higher its price will be.

Best Motorcycle Oils Review

#1 Honda Pro NG4 08C35-A141L01-Editor’s choice

See Latest Price

If you are looking for a 4-stroke motorcycle oil, this Honda Pro NG4 08C35-A141L01 will be your most optimal choice.

Taking advantage of all the up-to-date technologies in the oil-manufacturing industry, Honda has managed to release this fully synthetic oil to the public.

This Pro NG4 08C35-A141L01 consists of numerous brilliant additives so as to achieve outstanding performance under any situation.

What’s more, the motorbike oil from Honda is made with prominent features like cleanliness, tackiness stability, and shear-resistance to fulfill the requirement of new engines.

Apart from matching the 4-stroke vehicle, this Honda product can be utilized to ensure the smooth operation of the gearbox on 2-stroke motorbikes from Honda.

Back to 1975, when Honda first sold Honda 08C35-A14L01, this product made Honda become one of the best motorcycle brands.

As a result, the updated version of the 08C35-A14L01, Pro NG4 08C35-A141L01, will definitely meet the needs of any motorbiker in terms of stability, reliability, and quality.

Despite all these great features, this Honda oil still has a minor downside.

The product Honda is highly recommended for Honda vehicles.

Thus, if you use this one for motorbikes from other brands, it may not function at the best quality.


  • Fully synthetic type
  • Comes with fundamental qualities for new engines
  • The updated version of the legendary Honda 08C35-A14L01


  • Can not meet the highest standard when being used for vehicles from other brands

#2 Castrol 06130 Actevo-The Runner-up

See Latest Price

The foremost feature of this Castrol 06130 Actevo is the ability to completely adhere to any spot of the engines.

Using this Castrol provides your motorbikes with utter protection in the operating phase of the motor.

As a result, the risk of engine wear will be minimized by up to 70%.

As known, carbon deposits are considered as one of the enemies for the intactness of the engines.

Plus, the buildups of these dirty particles in engines will certainly form after a long time of use.

Luckily, the 06130 Actevo from Castrol can offer significant resistance to deposits buildups, so the stability of the engines will be improved.

This Castrol motorcycle oil also features exceptional thermal stability that can avoid the oil burn off.

By that, we mean the engine when covered by this oil can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, the Castrol Actevo is extremely appropriate to use for 4-stroke motorcycles.

Plus, this oil can fit with both carburetor and fuel injected vehicles.

The disadvantage of this product lies in poor packaging.

Because of improper packaging, it can be leaked out.


  • Reduces up to 70% risk of wear
  • Avoid acid deposits buildups
  • Thermal stability
  • For any 4-stroke vehicle


  • Poor package

#3 Mobil 1 V-Twin Synthetic Oil-Recommended For 4-Cycle Motorbike

See Latest Price

The Mobil 1 V-Twin Synthetic Oil is produced based on the exceptional technology in making synthetic oil.

Therefore, this Mobil 1 can guarantee to bring the advanced performance of 4-cycle motorbikes.

Besides, it is capable of working well with both the lubrication system of the standard engine and the separate system in 4-cycle motorbikes.

Before being publicized to the customers worldwide, this 20W-50 engine oil of Mobil-1 must go through strict examination in the laboratory for the most optimal performance of the 4-cycle vehicles.

Plus, this product is appropriate to use with the wet-clutch engine thanks to the excellent formulation that can keep the frictional features.

Moreover, the V-Twin of Mobil 1 can handle the extreme heat from the tough riding conditions and the motorbikes.

The drawback of this synthetic oil is the high price.

Yet, you get what you pay for.


  • For any engine systems of 4-cycle motorbike
  • Carefully formulated
  • Withstand the extreme heat


  • High price

#4 Motorex Power Synthetic 4T-Best For KTM Bikers

See Latest Price

Truth be told, Yoshimura Suzuki is the first person to develop and utilize the Motorex Power Synthetic 4T.

This motorbike oil from Motorex is specially made for 4-stroke sports motorbikes with the 100% synthetic base oil.

Since this Motorex 4T is exclusively made for KTM enthusiasts, it can efficiently support the engines of the tough racing motorbikes.

In specific, the product of Motorex will assist your vehicle in performing well in harsh racing conditions without getting wear.

It is noticeable that the formula utilized for producing this oil is carefully tested under racing conditions, so it will offer reliable shifting, and wet-clutch slipping is no longer a challenge to KTM bikers.

Furthermore, Motorex doesn’t apply any low-grade additives on this Power Synthetic 4T so as to ensure the stable performance of this engine oil in tough terrains.

Despite being one of the best motorcycle engine oils, this Motorex still has a disadvantage.

It is the high price of the product.


  • Recommended for KTM bikers
  • 100% synthetic
  • Reliable shifting without wet-clutch slipping


  • Expensive

#5 Shell Rotella T6-Best Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

See Latest Price

The Rotella T6 deserves to be one of the best synthetic motorcycle oils on the market.

More importantly, unlike other synthetic products type, this Shell Rotella T6 comes at an affordable price.

First and foremost, Shell utilizes 100% synthetic base oil combined with extraordinary additives to produce this Rotella T6 comb.

Plus, the synthetic oil from Shell is made with the exclusive technology from the brand, which will provide your motorbike’s engine with the entire protection against oil breakdown, wear, and deposits.

Even with heavy-duty engines, it can still offer the most brilliant resistance to wear and malfunction.

More importantly, the fully synthetic oil of Shell can limit your fuel consumption up to 1.

5% while still remaining the high-performance of your engines.

Commonly, when you ride your motorbikes in harsh conditions, the engine tends to gather contaminants along the road.

If you neglect this situation, the buildups of dirty particles will harm your engine.

Luckily, this 100% synthetic oil includes dispersant additives that can remove the unwanted substances to keep your engine clean.

The disadvantage of this Shell Rotella T6 is its inability to be used for racing motorbikes.



  • Not for racing motorbikes

#6 Maxima Maxum4 Extra-Best For Off-road and Street Motorbikes

See Latest Price

The Maxum4 Extra of Maxima is made from a completely Triple ester blend that can provide a thorough protection for your engines to withstand high temperature and wear.

Besides, this Maxima Maxum 4 Extra consists of the exceptional Shear Viscosity to ensure the resistance to mechanical shearing.

Therefore, motorbikes that are operated with wet clutch engines and applications like off-road and street ones should be filled with this engine oil for more outstanding performances.

Since street and off-road motorbikes always have to face diverse weather conditions, they need sufficient engine oil that can improve their withstanding in every situation.

Here it is, the Maximum 4 Extra will help your motorbikes effortlessly start at low temperatures while avoiding the engine’s wear.

Moreover, the motor oil from Maxima will offer engines of your off-road and street motorbikes with remarkable cleanliness, and it can enhance the smoothness of transmission shifting.

Plus, this product can be seen as one of the best cheap motorcycle oils on the market.

The drawback of this engine oil is, of course, its unsuitable fit with other non-off-road motorbikes.


  • Highly recommended for off-road and street motorbikes
  • Shear Viscosity tech
  • Affordable


  • Inflexibility

#7 Castrol 06112 Power1-Best Value

See Latest Price

The Castrol 06112 Power1 is sold at an extraordinarily reasonable price, but it definitely won’t disappoint you.

Firstly, the product of Castrol can allow your motorbikes to accelerate within a few seconds.

To achieve this wonderful feature, the Castrol oil is made with a prominent blend formula that can enhance the quality of engine transmission.

Furthermore, this affordable oil can help you to economize a huge sum of money spent on buying extra oils because of its longevity.

Plus, the 06112 Power1 can automatically adjust its viscosity in case of mechanical stress or harsh weather conditions.

However, the disadvantage of this motorcycle engine oil is its requirement for frequent filling.


  • Low-priced
  • Longevity
  • Adjustable viscosity
  • Well formulated


  • Frequent filling

Motorcycle Oils Changing Tips

Taking care of the favorite motorcycle is a pleasant activity for motorbike enthusiasts, and motorcycle oils changing is a crucial task to show your caring for the motorbikes.

It doesn’t matter whether the one you use listed in the top motorcycle oils or not, you should follow these steps:

  • Find the one that is suitable for your vehicle
  • Deactivate your motorbikes in a few minutes before draining the oil for easier manipulation.
  • The reason is that when the motorcycle is left idle, the oil will be heated up, and its viscosity will be minimized.
  • Make sure you place the bike in the center standing form for smoother used-oil collection
  • Detach the drain bolt
  • Wait for the used oil to completely spill out, and then lock the drain bolt into the previous position
  • Open the cap
  • Fill new one in
  • Tightly reseal the cap
  • Check all both the bolt and cap to avoid leakage


#1 Motorcycle Oil Is Different From Car Oil, Isn’t It?


Firstly, about the formula, car oils contain modifiers that are not added in motorcycle oils.

Besides, the viscosity of motorbikes tends to reduce faster than that of car oils.

#2 What Are The Best Motorcycle Brands?

It is challenging to affirm, which is the most optimal motorcycle oil on the market because all brands have their best motorcycle oils tested through strict procedures to offer the highest quality.

Moreover, it also depends on the types of motorcycles you are using the oil to decide whether it is good or not.

#3 What Is The Best Engine For 4-stroke Motorcycle?

It is the Honda Pro NG4 08C35-A141L01.

#4 Should I Warm Up A Motorcycle Before Changing Oil?

No, you should leave it idle to limit the viscosity of the oil for simpler oil-changing.

#5 Do You Need To Change The Oil Filter?

If you have a large budget, you should replace the filter regularly to make sure that the oils used for your motorcycle engines will be at the purest and finest condition.

#6 Can You Mix Synthetic And Regular Oil?

In fact, synthetic and regular oil can be mixed together.

Yet, if you are not an expert on handling mechanical tasks, we suggest that you not mix regular and synthetic oil by yourself.


We have provided you with reviews of the best motorcycle oils on the market.

Each of them has a specific advance over the others.

To choose the most optimal one for your motorcycle engines; you should determine which type of motorbikes you are gonna use the oil for, how you are willing to pay for it, and which types you like.

If you are satisfied with the piece of information we give you, keep following for more articles.


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