Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets For Music You Should Know – Top 8 Choices

best motorcycle bluetooth headsets for music

Riding a motorbike is not only someone’s hobby, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to help you save your time wherever traffic jams are common.

However, using a motorcycle also has inconveniences, typically when you want to stay connected with family, friends, partners, etc.

Or only when you want to listen to music on a long ride.

“How do people get on the phone while riding?” This used to be an inextricable problem, but there is a solution for it! A motorbike Bluetooth headset will be your savior! From now, you will be able to comfortably communicate with others, enjoy music while ensuring traffic safety at the same time.

In this article, we will reveal to you the top best motorcycle Bluetooth headsets for music and communicating that are worth your attention.

Let’s get started!

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets For Music Quick Comparison

Product images Product names Editor's rating Price
LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom 4.9 See latest price
Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom, Fodsports M1S 4.8 See latest price
Cardo FREECOM 2 PLUS-Motorcycle 2-Way Bluetooth Communication System 4.8 See latest price
Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset 4.7 See latest price
Sena (SMH5-UNIV) Bluetooth Headset and Intercom 4.7 See latest price
Yideng Bluetooth Headset Intercom 4.6 See latest price
Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth 4.1 Communication System 4.6 See latest price
Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth 4.1/DMC Mesh-Technology 4.5
See latest price


What You Should Consider – Buying Guide

Connecting Capacity

First, you should deliberate about the connectivity of the product.

Surely none of us wants to buy a Headset that can only connect to one or very few devices.

Hence, choose headsets that can connect to smartphones, music players from many different brands to make it more flexible in connecting.

Besides, the process of changing the Bluetooth connection from one device to another should be fast and straightforward.

Bluetooth System

The motorcycle headset’s Bluetooth system has a lot of features.

Besides connecting to devices such as MP3, iPod, or smartphone, it also allows you to connect to GPS devices or to keep in touch with other bikers.

And the problem is here – the connectivity of the Bluetooth system.

As we know, Bluetooth’s connection range is usually only stable around 10 to 15 meters, and when the devices are farther apart, the signal is flicker or even unable to connect.

Nowadays, motorbike headsets often have an upgraded Bluetooth system to eliminate the noise of wind and interference signals.

However, some devices still do not guarantee the quality of sound at a long distance.

Also, low volume or faint sound is inconvenient when using, especially for the elderly or who have ear problems.

Therefore, pay attention to the Bluetooth parameters as well as test the product to ensure it still works well at long distances or under a high flow of winds.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of a headset is often influenced by the Bluetooth system and the quality of the components.

As mentioned above, the quality of Bluetooth may cause the sound to be distorted and unclear.

Besides, low-quality parts cannot produce vivid outcomes.

Obviously, the sound quality condition of the best Bluetooth headset for the motorcycle helmet must be loud enough, undistorted, clear, and vivid.

You can base on these factors to evaluate and find out the best Bluetooth headset for motorcycle riding.

Materials And Durability

Who doesn’t want a durable device that can be used for a long time?

This isn’t only a matter of how we use and preserve it, but the product itself plays an important role.

Since a product is made up of inexpensive and unqualified components, materials will not be as durable as we expect.

As usual, helmet headsets are made from hard plastic and have some metal details or not.

What buyers need to notice is whether this plastic material is thick enough or not, and the device is assembled securely or loosely.


Many people think that headset’s design only affects the aesthetics of the product, but it also makes a significant impact on convenience during use.

We can say that the design can support you as well as obstruct you in control.

A headset with too many complicated buttons will take longer to control or make you press the wrong button.

What’s more, a Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset with touch controls will make you extremely hard to control while wearing gloves.

Therefore, the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset should have an easy-to-use design, with simple buttons and suitable for your helmet’s style.


Don’t purchase a headset that is too big and bulky.

When making a decision, make sure it fits in the space available so as not to discomfort you while riding.


The best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset with high battery capacity and fast full charging time deserve more consideration.

Because you will probably use it for very long distances, even 8 to 10 hours, a headset with a low battery capacity, which needs to be changed several times is not worth buying.

Waterproof And Weather-resistance

Waterproof is a factor that deserves attention because, during the ride, you won’t be able to predict whether there will be any sudden rain or not.

Besides, the waterproof and weather-resistant feature is also extremely useful in case you accidentally drop the device in water.

Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets For Music

#1 LEXIN 2pcs B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Intercom – Best Of Battery Life

See Latest Price

Many people claim that “the cheapest is the dearest”, but that’s not true for this product.

In the price range under $150, this headset surprised many users by the values it brings worth attention, especially the long battery life.

The first is about sound quality.

When you listen to music through Bluetooth connections, the sound will be not excellent, but it’s still stable and precise.

This headset’s intercom system allows up to 4 riders to connect and communicate.

Also, its long-life battery is outstanding with 15 hours music stream, 8 hours talk time, and 120 hours standby.

This feature is beneficial when you may have to use this device for a long time like 8 to 10 hours, or don’t have time to charge every day.

Another plus that makes it able to be the best Bluetooth headset for motorcycles is the waterproof feature.

Therefore, you can use this item under different weather conditions, even at temperatures as low as -3°F.

Although according to the manufacturer’s information, the intercom range is up to 1600 meters, the actual distance is not that long.

It varies depending on the weather and terrain conditions, and it sometimes maxes at around 200-300 meters.



  • The intercom system is affected by ambient factors

#2 Fodsports M1S 2000m Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset – Best Of Design

See Latest Price

Fodsports M1S 2000m is one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headsets in the list of Amazon’s choices that many people prefer.

This product is appreciated for its design.

The smart design makes it much easier and more convenient to use.

Let’s start with its controls.

Command buttons have a large contact area and are distinguished.

Then you can activate modes by pressing instead of touch.

So complex performance isn’t required for this product.

Besides, it is convenient when most riders often have to use gloves, and touch mode will be quite troublesome.

Furthermore, It will only take you about 5-10 minutes to assemble this headset into a helmet and connect to Bluetooth.

It is straightforward and easy as a piece of cake!

Besides the outstanding design, it’s also waterproof and weather-resistant.

At the same time, the massive battery capacity of up to 20 working hours makes it more worth buying.

The headset’s drawback is that the connection signal of the intercom system will be better with 2 to 4 riders instead of up to 8 riders.


  • Smart design
  • Waterproof
  • Massive battery capacity
  • Affordable price


  • The intercom system is suitable for two to four riders, not eight riders.

#3 Cardo FREECOM 2 PLUS-Motorcycle 2-Way Bluetooth Communication System – Best Value Headset

See Latest Price

Cardo FREECOM 2 PLUS is one of the headsets with the best sound quality as well as bringing a lot of values ​​for users.

There are speakers from the JBL brand, and there is nothing to blame for the sound quality of this headset.

Also, its audio processor is also improved to give users a vivid and realistic sound.

Besides, the Cardo FREECOM 2 PLUS Bluetooth 4.1 allows you to connect at faster speeds and reduces the impact of obstacles on the signal transmission path.

And this product will also satisfy your long-time usage demand as it can continuously operate 13 hours of talk time.

Last but not least, the standard features such as waterproof, dust-resistance, multitasking are integrated on this product

Although it was introduced to be equipped with voice control mode, this feature doesn’t seem to be effective.

This fact is confirmed by many users when they command and receive no response from the headset.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Stable Bluetooth connection
  • Long battery life
  • Dust-resistance and waterproof


  • Voice control doesn’t work well

#4 Sena SMH10-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset – Best Of Stable Bluetooth Connectivity

See Latest Price

Sena SMH10-10 can be voted as the headset that has a stable connection, high battery capacity, and anti-noise technology.

This product allows you to connect to other riders via the Intercom system with a maximum distance of up to 900 meters depending on environmental conditions, and it works most effectively in open spaces.

Moreover, thanks to the stable Bluetooth 3.0 connection, you can easily share music, communicate, and call in a four-way intercom conversation.

And the manufacturer also focused on improving the Noise Control technology to minimize noise and noise interferences.

The long-life battery of this product will also make you satisfied when you can maintain a conversation for 12 hours, and the reserving battery is enough for ten days of inactivity.

Overall, it is suitable for you at an affordable price and outstanding features mentioned above.

Nevertheless, one thing to notice is that its volume will be somewhat low if you ride at high speed or under the impact of high winds.



  • Low volume at high speed

#5 Sena (SMH5-UNIV) Bluetooth Headset – Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset For Music

See Latest Price

You don’t have a big budget to buy a motorcycle headset but still want to find good quality and stable products? Sena (SMH5-UNIV) will be your savior!

This product has an easy-to-use design with separate control buttons.

It’s more convenient when you use gloves, so you don’t have to memorize cumbersome manipulations.

About the sound quality, Sena’s products are always focused on this aspect.

Similar to other Sena headsets, the manufacturer uses Noise Control technology to improve sound quality during use.

A distinct advantage of this item is that you can charge it while using and still ensuring its safety.

Therefore, you don’t need to worry about running out of battery and not charging in time for long trips.

Although the manufacturer has tried to maximize noise cancellation, the sound quality of Sena (SMH5-UNIV) isn’t stable and easily affected at high speeds.

In general, with the price under $100, this product is worth your attention!


  • Bargain price
  • Smart design
  • Easy to use
  • Can be charged while using


  • Sound quality is affected at high speed

#6 Yideng Bluetooth Headset Intercom Motorcycle Helmet– Best Of Manual Control

See Latest Price

Voice control sometimes doesn’t work well in low-priced products, so headsets with effective manual control will be the better choice in the low-price range.

We can easily recognize that the controlling buttons of this Yideng Bluetooth Headset Intercom are very large and separate from each other.

This is a pretty smart design since you can easily use it while wearing gloves as well as limit the wrong press.

In the top of the best Bluetooth headsets for motorcycle with the lowest price, it is understandable that this item is only equipped with manual control.

However, we bet that with its smart design, you won’t be disappointed at all!

In addition to the outstanding design advantages, the Bluetooth connectivity of this product is also relatively stable.

The Bluetooth connection can cover up to 1000 meters in open space and without obstacles.

One thing you need to keep in mind for better sound quality is that you need to install the speakers in the correct position.

Otherwise, the volume won’t be loud enough for you to hear clearly.

So, the best way is to test the sound before fixing the speaker position.


  • Easy-to-control
  • Affordable price
  • Waterproof
  • Stable Bluetooth connectivity


  • The speakers need to be placed correctly

#7 Sena 20S-01 Motorcycle Bluetooth System – Best Of Intercom System

See Latest Price

If you are looking for a multitasking headset with good connectivity and an Intercom system, this product can be your best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset!

Sena 20S-01 impresses users at first sight by its eye-catching design with the modern style of devices that come from the future.

Besides, the modest size (3.73 x 1 x 1.9 inches) of this product also makes it flexible and can be used for many different types of helmets.

The riders group often chooses this product by its Bluetooth connectivity and Intercom system. With the Bluetooth 4.1, you easily connect this item to your phone, music player, and other headsets in a matter of tens of seconds.

Additionally, the maximum connection distance between the headsets reached up to 2 kilometers.

Furthermore, the Intercom system of Sena 20S-01’ is also highly regarded compared to other products because it allows up to 8 riders to connect and communicate with stable and uninterrupted audio signals.

Last but not least, Audio Multitasking technology will help you to both listen to music and communicate with your partners.

It’s excellent and convenient!

However, not waterproof is a pretty significant downside of this product.

This means it could be damaged or malfunctioning if you use it in the rain or drop it in water.



  • No waterproof feature

#8 Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Speaker– Best Of Sound System

See Latest Price

Cardo PACKTALK is one of the brightest contenders if what you’re looking for is a headset with high-quality sound and helpful features.

Firstly, this product’s Bluetooth connectivity and audio transmission are commendable.

Thanks to the noise-canceling feature, you can still hear the sound clearly, even when riding under high winds.

Besides, one outstanding feature of this headset is that the sound can be adjusted automatically depending on the speed and volume of outside noise.

It’s convenient as you don’t need to change the volume manually, this saves time and ensures more safety.

Next, You can adjust the Cardo PACKTALK modes by voice.

This characteristic works and receives the signal from the voice quite quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, Parallel Audio Streaming technology allows you to chat with other riders on the intercom system and listen to music, listen to FM at the same time.

In addition, other features such as waterproof and dust-resistance are also included in this product.

Finally, compared with other products on the market, the Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth 4.1 is at a relatively high price.

You will have to pay a bit more, but in return, you get a high-quality product.


  • High-quality sound
  • Volume can be adjusted automatically
  • Waterproof and dust-resistant
  • Easy to assemble


  • A bit pricey


#1 How to Pair Your Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset to Your Mobile Phone?

After turning the motorcycle Bluetooth headset on, enable the Bluetooth feature on it as well as on the mobile phone that you will be using. In the mobile phone, press the “search devices” option and wait for a few seconds for the headset to get detected. Once this is done, click on the “pair device” option which will connect your phone to the headset so you are good to go.

#2 Is it dangerous to listen to music while riding a motorcycle?

The sound of a motorcycle is usually around 70-80 decibels. Listening to music adds additional decibels to that.

That’s not to say that you can’t listen to music while you’re riding. Just be smart with the volume and that you aren’t listening to your music at the loudest it can be.

#3 How can I make my headset last as long as possible?

Keep it in normal weather, avoid rainwater contamination during heavy rainy days. If you do not have the need to use them for a long time, they should be stored in a dry and safe place.


“What’s the best motorcycle Bluetooth headset?”, now you have had the answer for it!

We hope that you will find what you want from our article as well as gain the necessary and helpful information for making a buying decision.

Finally, which motorcycle Bluetooth headset is best? Consider carefully and be a smart buyer!

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