Bell Rogue Motorcycle Helmet Review – Awesome Choice for All

bell rogue motorcycle helmet review

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To enjoy your thrilling motorcycle experience but still guaranteeing safety, it is crucially important for you to equip yourselves with own-brand helmets.

Bell Solid Rogue is one of the pricey brands stealing hundreds of bike riders’ hearts who rave about wearing this standout.

Undoubtedly, Bell is dominating the helmet market at the moment.

Bell Rogue Half Helmet 

“The product is cool and looks great! Good fit and versatility, Very comfortable, and honestly, cool as hell”

Product highlights:

  • Lightweight carbon composite shell construction
  • Integrated vented roost guard
  • Magnefusion Emergency Removal System magnetic cheek pads
  • DOT approved. Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

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Good Points and Drawbacks of a Bell Rogue Half-Size Motorcycle Helmet

Scrutinize this bell rogue helmet safety review to have a more in-depth outlook on the product you tend to buy.

Like other brands, Bell has its good points and drawbacks as well.

Good Points

Purchase one bell rogue solid helmet if

You Want Something More Versatile

The bell helmet differs from other half-face models when it comes to a new muzzle.

Its muzzle not only gives a more protective and stylish look but is also adjustable and removable.

You can swiftly switch to the open-face look whenever you want.

You Prefer a High-Quality Helmet

DTO certifies this product, so you do not need to worry about its quality and authenticity.

Besides, you can experience communication systems through a pocket installed in the helmet.

And last but not least, the helmet interior is made of polystyrene, which protects bike riders from severe accidents very well.


Bell rogue helmet can not be your companion on the road if

You Love To Have Full-face Protection

Bell rogue is a type that lays bare your eye area.

Neither your neck nor your chin offers adequate protection while you wear it.

Although manufacturers provide additional paddings, it does not make wearers much safer.

Therefore, a solid bell product is not your best option.

You Prefer Comfort While Wearing a Helmet

If you have never tried on anything similar before, you might face several struggles at the beginning of wearing the bell helmet.

Since it covers your mouth and nose tightly, the muzzle then tends to rub against your skin and leave rashes on your nose so that you will feel uncomfortable at first.

Your Head Looks Further Bigger

You will feel a bit weird when seeing how big your head is when wearing it.

Not exaggerated, your head seems more significant because of the added paddings, and you look a bit aggressive and savage.

Technical Features

In this part, we will provide you with useful information related to a solid bell helmet’s technical features.

The exterior of the helmet

First and foremost, regarding the overall shape, this model has an intermediate oval look.

However, when you remove the muzzle, the rogue has an open-face type.

Don’t worry about the mushroom head when wearing it without the muzzle.

We make sure that you will still look cool in it.

Secondly, when it comes to the materials, manufacturers use fiberglass and polyester for the shell on the bell rogue helmet, so you can find it super light but still stable.

Moreover, an almost inch thick layer of polystyrene between the outer shell and the EPS liner helps to disperse the impact of surroundings while on the road.

The rogue also has an extended EPS liner section setting from the ear position to your neck area.

Except for providing extraordinary comfort, the liner also allows you to ride at high speeds without flying off your helmet.

The interior of the helmet

The genuine leather interior of the mask is safely antibacterial and antimicrobial.

You can remove this cloth and wash it in water as usual.

Similarly, you can maintain the ear pads in the same way.

These pads create a snug fit for the entire helmet when you are wearing it.

the ear pads

The Ear Pads

There is also an inner extended EPS liner that is removable and held in place by four snaps.

With an additional installation of BlueTooth and speaker, the rogue is stealing the show because no brand can beat it.

The Muzzle

According to the manufacturer, the polyurethane-molded muzzle has a function to protect bike riders from the outer elements, such as harsh wind, dust, debris, bugs, and anything on the road.

But honestly, its primary function is helping you get swag.

The muzzle also has a ventilation system that circulates some air when you cover it over your mouth and nose.

Remember that the muzzle only protects you from minor disturbances, so do not expect it to endure the intense surroundings’ intense impact.

The Muzzle

Bluetooth and Speakers

The design of it is exceptionally compatible with Bluetooth and Speakers.

You will find two spaces in the padding for speaker installation and still comply with the traffic rules.

Making the most of open-face design, you can also use Bluetooth without worrying about its interruption into the helmets function.

However, you should consider a Bluetooth system that will not interfere with the muzzle when you have it on or off.


Here are some frequently asked questions that the final part of Bell solid rogue helmet review is responsible for solving.

How many sizes of this helmet has the company released?

The manufacturer has launched it in X-small size to a 2X-large extent.

What many colors does the Bell have?

You can freely select your helmet in six different black colors gunmetal, matte black, gloss black, gunny, and matte gunmetal.

What is the warranty period?

A five-year warranty is a standard degree this bell rogue helmet receives from its company.

Can you adjust the muzzle?

Yes, because the muzzle is adjustable with no difficulty.

Where can you buy a Bell Solid Rogue?

We highly recommend for the best product.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this piece of bell rogue motorcycle helmet review brings you more extensive knowledge and clarifies all your doubts about this modern helmet.

In case you have other questions, give us a comment.

It is such a pleasure to help you.

Thank you for reading the paper.

Good luck!

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